Thursday, 18 June 2015

Meet the pregnant woman who can't stop eating soap

A Mum-to-be has developed a bizzare
pregnancy craving for soap.Jess Gayford
who is nearly eight months' pregnant
with her second child, started with bars
then moved on to liquid soap.She now
gets through up to two bottles a week.
She told Mirror UK
"It came out of nowhere. I wanted
to lick a bar of Dove soap. I went to
buy a bar and started licking it. It
sounds disgusting but it's really
nice.""In my first pregnancy I
wanted to eat baked beans and
cheese but nothing weird."
Her husband, Lee was worried at first but
they have been told it won't harm their
unborn daughter.
The condition pica, which mainly affects
children and pregnant women, causes
people to eat non-food items such as
sand, ice or paint.

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