Friday, 26 June 2015

David Mark Sacks Son, Younger Brother, 120 Personal Assistants (See)

Following the defeat of the Peoples
Democratic Party in the last general
elections, former Senate President, David
Mark has off-loaded no fewer than 120 of
his personal assistants and domestic
workers, including his son and younger
Mark decided to dispose them after his
ruling party was ousted from the
presidency on March 28. It was indeed a
double tragedy for Mark as his party also
failed to return to power in his own Benue
Mark led the Senate for eight years, a feat
no legislator has achieved in the history of
Nigeria. He hitherto had over 300 personal
assistants and domestic workers. Among
his workers were his son, Babatunde Mark
and his brother, Igoche Mark.
While Igoche was his Personal Assistant
(PA), his son, Tunde was his Special
Assistant on Special Duties and Interior.
However, things fell apart after PDP was
booted out of power and the mantle of
leadership was taken away from the
retired soldier to Bukola Saraki; hence his
decision to cut cost by disengaging some
of his workers.
An insider hinted that some of his
domestic workers were even been owed
for several months before they were
"What is the essence of keeping
them when he is no longer in
power? What will an ordinary floor
member of the Senate be doing with
over 200 workers? The money is no
longer coming so he had to cut his
coat according to his cloth.
"To tell you how serious it is, his
son, Tunde was also affected and his
brother, Igoche as well. However,
Igoche is still working closely with
him", he hinted.
Asked why he sacked his own son, the
source said:
"His son, Tunde is not an illiterate.
He studied Biochemistry and
immunology from the prestigious
Kings College, London. He needs to
start his own life since his father is
no longer in power. He has since
flown out of the country following
his disengagement".
Following Mark's exit from power, his
GRA house has literarily turned to a
graveyard as usual activities in the place
has vanished. Similarly, activities in
Otukpo, Mark's country home during the
weekend has died down.
"Sometimes in the past, hotels in Otukpo
would be fully booked because of some
persons who came from far and wide to
meet with him. Now even hotel owners
are complaining of low patronage," the
insider claimed. Asked if the yearly Mark
'D Ball basket ball competition will still
hold, the insider said,
"Igoche is the one in charge of
that. But considering the expenses
involved, I am not sure the event
would hold this year."
Mark, a former governor of Niger State
under General Ibrahim Babangida and one
time Minister for Communication was a
pioneer member of the Peoples
Democratic Party.
He has been in the senate since 1999 and
had affirmed that he would not leave the
party despite its defeat in the last general

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