Wednesday, 17 June 2015

25-Year-Old Woman Rapes Man At Gunpoint

In Chicago US, Ciera Ross a 25-year-old has
been arrested for allegedly raping a man
at Gunpoint.
According to the report, the mother of
two was driving on the North Side of
Chicago when they saw the hitchhiking
man waving them for a ride.
Ross stopped and asked the 33-year-old
man to hop into her car and after driving
some distance, she veered off the road
into a wooded area, pulled a gun on the
man and told him to have sex with her
and her friend or he would be shot.
The scared man, not sure of their
intentions of the women, begged them to
let him go but they forced him to take off
his clothes and she and her friend took
turns assaulting him sexually, after which
they took $200 and credit cards from the
The victim was able to escape when he
saw a taxi cab and ran from the car naked.
The cab driver allowed the man to use his
cellphone to take a picture of Ross'
license plate as she and her friend sped
The police was able to trace her with the
licence and it was realised she had been
arrested in the past for prostitution. She
was charged with rape and armed robbery
and held on a $75,000 bond while her
partner in crime is yet to be charged.

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