Saturday, 14 February 2015

Stiil Confused? 10 Ideas For Valentine



Almost every year most especially this particular month. People tend to wonder what’s so special about the season called VALENTINE. They are something irritated with the lovey dovey stuff. Regardless of that
fact, VALENTINE is still been enjoyed and celebrated with boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wife. These therefore brings me to some valentine tips you have to put in place to make it worth while.
However, the step by step tips does not mean that its the only way you can show your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife that you love them. The best thing you can do that is to personalize to your partner
and make it enjoyable and memorable for them. These tips might be of help.

1.Plan A Surprise Outing
Due to time schedules and all at work and the engagement of doing something or the other to generate income, couples and lovers have little or no time to plan outings specially for themselves. Therefore, this period plan something they wouldn’t expect like special outing dinner for two or a trip to their favorite place of hangouts.

2. Send Flowers Or Chocolates to their work place or Home
Its so happens that this years valentine falls on a weekend which makes it so special and wonderful. Prior to the day of Valentine, you could send them Chocolates or Flowers to prepare them for the mood of the season. You could as well deliver it yourself to dazzle their surprise the more.

3. Make a Lunch day reservation (during work days)
Its most preferable to take excuse to be sure u do the right thing. Ensure you know your spouses terrains at work so u can plan a surprise lunch day with him or her.

4. Breakfast in Bed
This is most unusual yet is such a brilliant and romantic move one can emulate to spark up more love between you and your spouse. They will really appreciate and remember it for a long time.

5. Make them a special Dinner
Apart from the planned outing or get away dinner for two, you could as well plan a special dinner at home ensure the kids are absent during this special and intimate moment with you and your spouse. I most people would say well I can’t cook. Not to worry, you could order for something and ensure its delivered.

6. Do A Flashback Of Your First Date Or Outing
Awwwww…. I love this particular idea. Its just so romantic to see you all dressed up the way you both first met and declared to yourselves “I LOVE YOU”. Going to the same spot you both went while dating, seeing the same movie and do the same thing all over again. Wow!!!
This I call best Valentine gift you can both share together.

7. Spending The Entire Day With Them
As said earlier, Valentine falls during the weekend which makes it a perfect timing to spend an enjoyable and memorable moments with your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend. Spend the whole day doing everything
they love to do, eat and as well you can watch the knd of movie they love to watch even though it isn’t your thing.

8.Find Out What They Love Doing Best
After all said and done, to put a happier smile on their face is to find out what best interest them the most and do it. If your spouse loves to go for dancing classes or loves to play video games, you can
as well agree to be part of it and have fun as you do so.

Val couple-on-picnic
9. Plan A Picnic Outing
You both can plan a picnic outing together if kids ain’t involved yet and if they do, you can as well make it worth while for the entire family.

10. Treasure Hunt
One might be surprise about the Treasure hunt idea its simple. Just plan your valentine gift prepared for your spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend. Let it what he or she most cherish and love. Plant it where
she might likely not know. Get him or her guess by give clues to where its located. This will be most fun and enjoyable.

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