Friday, 13 February 2015

Messy: Tonbra Alamieyeseigha wife caught red handed in hotel

There were peace in many homes until ladies of these days got the liberty to think that they are equal with their husbands. Even in the Bible we are reading, I can't think of any prominent man recorded in that book who did not have more than one woman, but women of today think they can change everything overnight and, sadly, some men are playing along with them. making matters worse.

In recent times, i is very common to hear young girls say things like, 'if my husband sleep with another woman, I will sleep with another man too'.

Ladies, if you don't know, let me tell you: the Bible said, a man can divorce his wife if she commits adultery, but the Bible never said a woman can divorce her husband if he sleeps with another woman.

OluFamous.Com can tell you that the joke is on any lady who thinks she's equal with a man. Be wise!

Now to the messy scandal involving the son of ex-Governor Alamieseigha and his wife who was caught live in the act with her secret boyfriend inside a hotel room...

The guy spent a lot to marry this lady
Tonbra Alamieyeseigha and his wife of seven months Chikodi Stella Ononiwu have parted ways under very controversial circumstances that will shock you because the drama that ensued looked like it was culled from a detective movie.
According to what insiders who saw what happened, they say Tonbra's wife Chikodi began dating one Ernest a married Banker who also lives in Abuja and over time they both exchanged love text messages which could be referred to as 's*x -text'.

The pair exchanged messages telling each other how they couldn't wait to be together again after every session of passionate meeting at their secret hideout. According to insiders, Tonbra suspected his wife was up to something and when the opportunity came, her phone revealed all what was going on and even had venues of meetings with her lover Ernest.

The snooped messages also showed that the lover boy used to pick up Chikodi right from home in her husbands absence. A scene was plotted and Tonbra left town on a business trip and after his darling wife Chikodi kissed him goodbye, she immediately informed Ernest who immediately made out time same day and picked her up from her home front but unknown to both, they were being trailed to the hotel where they normally unleashed their passion. 

Chikodi was caught pants down with her lover Ernest on Thursday February 6, 2015, by the team that had been following her activities. As they burst into the hotel room to catch the lovers in the act, Chikodi enacted a scene and there was serious altercation which was caught on a mobile phone device as proof. 

The husband, Tonbra, who was convinced of his wife's infidelity after she was caught pants down, threw her out on Saturday February 8, 2015, and she has since returned to her parents house and Ernest is nowhere to be seen. 

Insiders whisper that Chikodi cannot approach any of her husbands family to beg on her behalf because there was an open air of hostility between her and her in-laws when she was with Tonbra. After all the money the guy spend to marry her, her wayward ways eventually exposed her. How sad!

When you tell all these big eyes ladies to calm down, they think you are trying to control them.

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