Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Top 6 Most Annoying Things in Nollywood Movies

Top-7 Most Annoying Things in Nollywood Movies
                        There is a lot of things we love about Nollywood. However, there are also some moments that can really annoy anyone who has ever watched a Nollywood movie.  

1. Subtitles
Subtitles funny
There are a lot of funny examples of failing subtitles. It is hard to find a nice Yoruba movie without them.
2. Witchcraft
Nollywood witch
It is hard to imagine a good Nollywood movie without some occultism and magic.
3. Extremely annoying romance
image (2)
Usually it is captured in a very strange way. Romantic things in a movie happen everywhere and are so unrealistic that you would like to never fall in love after seeing them. Some dates are captured in a really weird way as well.
4. Poison
Nobody writes ‘Poison’ on chemistry bottles with big letters. It is better stop inscribing it. Viewers can think. If a character drinks its content and then he writhes in pain, they can get that he drank some poisoned stuff.
5. Shooting and fights
In action scenes, blood does not gush from a person who was shot or stabbed with a knife. The fighting scenes often look ridiculous.
6. Facial expressions
The majority of facial expressions are unnatural. Even when we are supposed to sympathize the character, it looks funny.
But, despite all these things, we still love our Nollywood industry and the gifted celebrities!

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