Saturday, 15 November 2014

Girl Walks Around New York With No Pants On And Anyone Notices!

Model Pranksters just conducted a pretty damn near genius social experiment.

As part of a social experiment by Model Prankster, model Leah Jung paraded around the streets of NYC with no pants on… only a realistic-looking pair of jeans painted on her, complete with stitching and on-trend patches, making it look like she’s actually wearing jeans.
In the video, which was posted online last week.. Model Praksters said they did the experiment to determine how observant people of New York City are. They are apparently not very observant as 90% of the people who walked past Leah didn’t even notice she was nak*ed.

Leah Jung even went inside a Forever 21 looking for the same jeans as the ones she was “wearing” — and asked a sales associate to find a similar pair for her.

Leah Jung, was expertly painted by body art company

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