Monday, 20 October 2014

Sexy! Kim Kardashian flaunts bare back for date with Kanye(Photos)

 Kim had all eyes on her as she stepped out with her husband in this backless top for a movie date ..All i can say is wonder he's obsessed with her.

Before you continue with Kim, this is a lovely message from the Amazing Debby who has been away for some days
 "Sending this mail to you cos I want you to help me say hi to my fellow MPN readers and check on you as well. I have not been able to comment for 4days'cos of terrible network(it hurts*sobbing*). Please extend my regards to Face of MPN(tell her I love her and God bless her beautiful heart for remembering me cos I saw a comment where she asked about me),Oga Stevo,Truth and her,Emeka(Ugo boss's stalker)Ugo boss himself,CAPS LOCK/UPPER CASE LETTER ANON,Amy George for that beautiful rib cracker she put up in the afternoon,Zimama,Mr Ifeanyi and all other blog readers. Will be back in the comment section as soon as this network releases me cos I've been praying fire prayers since....LMAO!
I miss MPN's blog...Have a beautiful week dimple lady *hugs and kisses*"
Aww so sweet.We miss you too..

Meanwhile, she stole this look from Amber Rose who rocked it last month ..


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