Tuesday, 14 October 2014

PHOTOS: #NoBraDay: Kim’s Hard Nipp*les Makes Kanye Smile (See Tweet)

#NoBraDay: Kim’s Hard Nipples Makes Kanye Smile (See Tweet)
kanye nobraday tweet on kim nipples 360nobs
While today is a National #NoBraDay for women, a day when bras are being left at home in support of breast cancer awareness, Kim Kardashian was busy giving her hubby a #Hardnippl*esMakeskanyeSmileDay
Just hours after tweeting, “Not smiling makes me smile,” Kanye West was spotted out in Los Angeles, smiling and laughing with Kim Kardashian earlier this weekend, were she bared some boobs through her tight blue dress.
Not only were Kim’s kurves wrapped up in her blue outfit, but her nips were on full display in the bra-less top too and Kanye couldn’t help but stare.
It’s pretty clear that the two had a great time, because they couldn’t stop chatting and talking as they strolled along the street!

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