Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Must Read-- Top 10 Dating Mistakes To Avoid


       If you want to change your relationships for the better, you should look through this list: you might be doing something wrong.

1. Suspecting him
A lot ofNigerian women are sure that their men are going to leave them for another woman. That’s why they can easily flip out when their significant other just looks (or looks likehe is looking) or talks to another women. When you are doing this a guy might think you are insecure. So try to develop your self-esteem and remember that all relationships are based on trust.
2. Respect his space
If your man is in a bad mood and does not want to discuss it – try not to make him even more angry. Some men don’t like to speak about their troubles and feelings so leave him alone. And remember about trust.
3. Forgetting about themselves
If you are in a long-term relationships, it does not mean you can stop maintaining yourselfor stop being the person you were at the beginning of your love story. You both should make efforts to keep the attraction.
4. Don’t reject your life
It is sad when a girl forgets about her hobbies and friends when she starts dating. It never ends happily. If he loves you he will not stop you fromdoing things that are important to you.
5. Be honest
Never be passive-aggressive. It annoys a lot of men. If something is bothering you – tell him about it. Men are not mind-readers. They will probably not understand your secret tips or “telepathic” messages. If you wants something – use your words!
6. Don`t nag
No guy in the whole universe is able to give you every single thing you want. Of course sometimes you will not be happy about something he does. And again: it is always better to talk openly about your desires. To harp over it is a very bad idea.
7. Appreciate your man
Appreciate him for things that he is doing. The more you tell him how valuable he is – the more he will try to please you.
8. Be positive
There is no sense in blaming him endlessly. Each one of us has bad days, but it is better to try to be positive. It is not to cool to hang out with somebody who is grumpy. Except you are a Grumpy Cat, which you probably are not.
9. Don’t Focus On Your insecurities
Your imperfect skin or weight should not be turned into relationship problems. Unless he He is with you now, that means he thinks you are pretty and attractive just the way you are.
10. Do not try to change him (a lot)
The main thing about love is that you take a person for who she or he is. Not the one you are dreaming him to be. You better take it or leave it. When it concerns some minor things like toilet seat or clothes you can try to be more gentle and encouraging in your approach. Don’t try to make him feel stupid. Just make him come to the right decision on his own, he just needs a little encouragement.

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