Thursday, 9 October 2014

Must Read-- How Nigerian Women Trick Men Into Marriage


             According to the statistics, 97% of single women of marriageable age in Nigeria will do almost anything to tie the knot. How far can these desperate ladies go to fulfill their quest?

1. Stealing boyfriends from their friends
Everything is fair in war! It is a jungle here, so sometimes Nigerian women are hiding their boyfriends and even rename their names in cell-phones. To protect them from too active ‘friends’.
2. Changing their image
Women like to pretend. And the true self would be uncovered just after you say “I do”. Only after the marriage you will see what you really got.
3. Pregnancy
It is probably the oldest way to force man to propose. There are plenty of ways to do it and women know them all. Despite the fact that now guys are supporting their babies and baby mamas without the commitment, girls know how to manage it.
4. Praying
It sounds nice, but in fact it is fake and unreal. Because it can get a weird form. And the lady is obsessed with an idea of marriage, but not with believing in God.
5. Love magic
She can do some ‘magic’ to get you. Love potions are timeless methods.
6. Proposing by themselves
This can also happen. They just get closer with your family and friends. And you get into a trap. If your family loves her – they will insist you married her.
7. Asking parents to find her a husband
It is not so hard if you have a rich daddy. Then she will get a dozen of men who want to get some of his money. So it is a nice deal for all the sides.
8. Work out
Losing more than 20 kg, plastic surgery, buckets of makeup, learning several languages. These ladies can do everything to become a better one as a wife.
9. Moving into another town
New city has new perspectives! Why not to run from your fast into the bright new future?
10. Working in a church
If nothing works out why not to try this? A lot of unmarried men are going to church every week or even more often. Why not to use such a chance?

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