Friday, 3 October 2014

Can Someone Tell Kylie Jenner To Put Some Clothes On?

While Kendall Jenner is taking Paris by storm, modeling for Balmain and Chanel, sister Kylie Jenner is posing too ... in her mom's backyard. Looks like The Most Forgotten About Kardashian is trying to get some much-needed attention!

No matter how much attention Kylie tries to get with constant barrage of sexed-up swim pics, the 16-year-old just isn't going to be able to steal her sister's thunder.

We'd really love it if Kris Jenner was around to tell her teenaged daughter to put some clothes on -- but we are understand that Kris is busy ... DOING ANYTHING ELSE!

We aren't sure exactly why Kylie thought a pic of herself getting up close and personal with a column would be a good idea, but then again, we're of the thought that going to high school instead of going to the Calabasas mall is probably a good idea too! Guess we aren't really sure we are on the same decision-making page as ole Kylie. Oh well!

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