Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Photos : "You're too FAT for Runway" - Kendall Jenner slammed for cellulite on her thighs

You're too FAT for Runway
 An Austrialian Magazine called Famous has Kendall Jenner on it's cover with a screaming headline "'Model bosses blast Kendall "You're too FAT for runway.

Devastated Kendall ordered to lose 8KG,' which would be 17.6lbs...See photos after the cut..

Her bestie, Ireland Baldwin took to twitter to slam the Magazine :
'I just saw a magazine cover of Kendall Jenner where is (as usual) looks thin and beautiful and FAMOUS decided to photoshop some cottage cheese on the back of her thigh.'Uh. let me tell you. that girl has flawless legs.

I’ve seen them in person plenty of times…'Im (sic) so beyond fucking sick of these photoshop jobs as well! are all of you completely incapable as it is?

Kendall acknowledged her friend saying  '@IrelandBBaldwin going off! Preach girl!!!'

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