Friday, 19 September 2014

Photos-- See Top 6 Youngest Millionairs In Africa

There are several young African businessman who founded their multi-million dollar companies in their 20s and 30s. We want to tell you about these outstanding persons.

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu, Ethiopia, Age: 34
Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu is a founder of a successful eco-sensetive footwear brand. Her company produces shoes which are hand-crafted from recycled tires. Alemu founded her company in 2005. Now it has more than 100 employees and $5 million in revenue. Igho Sanomi, Nigeria, 38 years old Igho Sanomi founded his energy trading company Taleveras Group in 2004. It trades over 100 million barrels of crude oil and several million tons of gasoline. Taleveras also owns a stake in a power distribution.
Ally Edha Awadh, Tanzania, Age: 32

Ally Edha Awadh
Ally Edha Awadh is the founder of Lake Oil Group. It is one of the most successful energy trading and transportation companies in East Africa. He founded the firm in 2006 at the age 23. Lake Oil Group is in TOP-5 of largest distributors of petroleum in Tanzania. Lake Oil Group’s revenues for 2013 were $600 million.
Alexander Amosu, Nigeria, Age: 38

Alexander Amosu
Alexandr is one of the most famous luxury designers from Africa. His company Amosu Couture designs and sells diamond encrusted cell phones, ipads, headphones and other accessorizes. He owned his first million when he was 24. Alexandr was selling ring-tones for mobile phones. In 2004 he sold a company and used the fund for his new startup – Amosu Couture. His company also publishes the Nigerian edition of British celebrity magazine, “Ok!”.
Ladi Delano, Nigerian, Age: 30

Ladi Delano
Ladi Delano earned first millions with liquor trading while living in China. At the age 22 he founded Solidarnosc Asia, a Chinese alcoholic beverage company that made Solid XS, a premium brand of vodka. Now Delano is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bakrie Delano Africa – a $1 billion joint venture with the $15 billion Bakrie Group of Indonesia. Delano Africa is also responsible for identifying investment opportunities in mining, agriculture and oil & gas and executing them in Nigeria.
Jason Njoku, Nigerian, Age: 31

Jason Njoku
Jason is a founder of the world largest digital distributor of Nollywood movies. It is something like Netflix for Africa. IrokoTV is dealing with Dailymotion, iTunes, Amazon and Vimeo. According to opinion of analyst IrokoTV can be worth more than $30 million.
Sim Shagaya, Nigeria, Age: 38

Sim Shagaya
Sim Shagaya is a founder of It is the largest e-commerce company in Nigeria. It was founded in 2012. Before Konga Shagaya had Dealdey, Nigeria’s leading group-buying e-commerce site, and E-Motion, an outdoor advertising company.

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