Monday, 15 September 2014

Meet The Couple Who Have 32 Years Between Them, And Have Stayed Married For 15years!

This is an inspiring story of a 36-year old man Chris, who met Norma now 68, when he was just 18 at a holiday camp and proposed to her shortly after. Interestingly, they have been living happily together as a couple in Brighton for 15 years now. How did they do it when people of almost the same age can't even cope with each other? Lol
Chris recalls; "I saw her one night and I was going to ask if she wanted a drink with me but I lost my bottle. "Another night I offered her a piggy back and it went from there."
The pair say they hit it off from the very first moment and Norma even stayed over.  "People must think Norma creeks in the bed," jokes Chris.

After just knowing each other for a short time Chris then got down on one knee and proposed. The rest they say is history and they got married in August 1999.
While speaking on a Tv talkshow, Chris however says he is sad because Norma thinks she is going to die soon, she even talks about her funeral often.
"If I go to bed I put fresh make-up on, just in case I die in the night," Norma says with a grin on her face.

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