Saturday, 2 August 2014

Having Three Wives Could Be Termed As Destiny… OJB Speaks

Music producer OJB has said he never planned to have three wives and has a matter of fact he told himself while growing up that he won’t get married, but just have kids in life. And now here is where I find myself, I just think its destiny, he told a Punch reporter.

Was it by choice or design that you have three wives?

It is everything. But predominantly, I think it is by design. Some people believe in destiny while some others don’t. I think it was destined to happen. I believe in destiny. I don’t think I would have survived it if it weren’t destined to be. People get shocked that I have three wives because I don’t live like somebody who has three wives. Come to think of it, there is no particular way to live life. Am I supposed to wear three shirts because I have three wives? I don’t even advise people to have three wives and when I talk about it, they are shocked.
But you married three?

Oh yes I did. When I was growing up, I even said I was not going to get married. I said I would just have children. But see, it is not the same story now. I just feel it is destiny.

Don’t you regret it?

There is no regret. Initially, you would tell yourself that if you had one wife, this would have happened or that would have happened if you didn’t. But then again, you have to check and understand that life is in stages. I am appreciating life the way it is. Out of the marriages, I have eight beautiful children. When I look at them, I am happy. They are my investment.

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