Friday, 4 July 2014

PHOTOS: Afrocandy Returns To Nigeria

Controversial Nigerian actress Afrocandy, also called the “queen of P0*n”, is reportedly back to her home country.
afrocandy in nigeria2  PHOTOS: Afrocandy Returns To Nigeria
Judith Mazagwu, the mother of 2, has been recently mentioned in the news in connection with the money issue. The curvaceous star was said to be begging for money to pay for her daughter’s tuition fee in college.
It was mentioned later that Afrocandy had received the required financial support from some celebrities, Denrele being among them.
Since that not much has been heard about the actress, until today…
Afrocandy, who used to live in the United State of America, has taken to social media to announce she has returned to Nigeria and post some fresh airport photos.
One of her tweets reads:
What’s Up Nigeria!…..It’s so good to be Back Home yoh! I been here since Wednesday Night but been so stressed…
— AfroCandy (@AfroCandy) July 4, 2014

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