Thursday, 1 May 2014

Peter Okoye Loses $5000 Bet To Phyno On Chelsea's Match

I don't know if its for real or another publicity stunt by these P-square guys, cos really i don't trust them.

Peter Okoye, one of the members of the duo P-square didn’t dash rapper Phyno $5000, but the Alobam rapper made as much as $5000 out of Peter Okoye.

Apparently, Peter and Phyno were engaged in a bet of which team was going to win the semifinal on the Uefa Champions league tie between Atletico Madrid and Chelsea last night.

Peter who is a chronic fan of Chelsea FC had all his cards on the team while Phyno was in support of Atletico Madrid carrying the day. $5000 was at stake.

The long story short is that Atletico won the match against chelsea meaning that Peter had lost the bet. Peter shared his loss by posting a picture online with the caption – “Just lost a $5,000usd bet to @Phynofino damn! We ll bounce bak next season.”
Sorry Peter, but Phyno has activated the money.

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