Monday, 19 May 2014

Man beats up wife in court premises

She slept with different men when she was in UK —Man
An Ikeja Magistrate’s court in Lagos State was turned into a battle ground when a man, Olufemi Ogbiyele, engaged his wife, Bola Ogbiyele, in a fight.

The incident, which  caused  a lot of confusion  inside the court premises, started  when a friend of the couple  pleaded with the husband to settle their case out of court but the plea fell on the latter’s  deaf ears.
Olufemi instead grabbed  his wife, descended on her and  dealt  blows  on her to the surprise of everyone present.
Reacting to the incident, counsel to the wife, Mr Shittu Oladeyinde, said, “I’m aware that a friend called them to settle their differences out of court. This appeal  infuriated Olufemi who flared up, pounced on his wife and  beat her up.’’

According to Oladeyinde, “the couple’s  problem  started on  February 11, 2013 when the woman locked herself up in the children’s room after her husband had  beaten  her. She  later left for her mother’s house.”
The counsel further disclosed that “another lawyer, Mr Taiwo and a pastor met with the husband, asking him to resolve the matter amicably. Olufemi  agreed to do so on the condition that his  wife stopped working, but Bola objected to this.

“It was after this meeting that he sent a text message to  his  wife, asking her to prepare her lawyers for a divorce,” he said.

While giving his side of the story, Olufemi  told the court that his wife slept with different men when she travelled to the United Kingdom in March 2012.
He further stated that on  February 12, 2013, she slapped him when he accused her of stealing his property and  even sought the help of  one of her  lovers  who beat him for bringing up such an allegation against her.
In response to the allegations levelled against the man, the second counsel to the wife, Akin Aroyewo, stated that, “In the first place, she didn’t   abscond from her matrimonial home on  September 1, she rather  ran for her dear life when the husband wanted to kill her  by hitting  her with an iron belt.

“Olufemi is frivolous and temperamental. And  these he has shown  by abusing court proceedings,” he added.

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