Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Britain's most dangerous prisoner smeared himself in butter and attacked 12 guards after Asernal won the FA Cup

Charles Bronson 
Britain’s most notorious prisoner Charles Bronson ‘smeared himself in butter before taking on 12 prison guards’ after Arsenal won the FA Cup.The 61-year-old Tottenham Hotspur fan, who is branded Britain's most violent and dangerous prisoner,and serving a life sentence for robbery and kidnap at Full Sutton Prison in York, covered himself in butter - supposedly making it harder for guards to restrain him – before going on the rampage on May 17.He was left with broken ribs after the scuffle..

According to Daily Mirror ,Bronson has spent the last 40 years in jail with 36 of those years spent in solitary confinement due to his 'aggression'.He was first jailed in 1974, aged 22, for an armed robbery on a post office and his jail time has been repeatedly extended for various crimes including taking prisoners hostage.Over the years, he has been involved in at least ten jail sieges and the outbursts have seen him moved 150 times.

He was given a life sentence in 1999 for holding a prison art teacher hostage for 44 hours for criticising some of his sketches.CCTV footage showed him leading his victim around like a dog with a rope around his neck. He has become a prolific artist during his time inside and, controversially, his surreal multi-coloured drawings have sold for up to £1,000 and been displayed in galleries across London.

He once boasted: ‘I’ve had more hostages than Saddam Hussein’

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