Monday, 7 April 2014

Nigerian Celebrities Cry At Zara's Funeral (PHOTO)

Nikki Laoye and BBA’s Vina at Zara Gretti’s funeral service which held on Friday, April 4, 2014 at The Catholic Cathedral Church, Lagos Island
Since Zara Gretti passed away a week ago, fans and the media have wondered why her ‘industry friends’ and other Nigerian celebrities did not help raise awareness for the singer’s condition and fund raising before she passed away.
Zara, 28, suffered from a medical condition called Multiple Sclerosis; she needed N3.7M to help with her condition – closely monitored hospital care, pills, painkillers. Before her death, she was able to raise N2.4M (in the space of nine months).

What has surprised many is the way and manner many celebrities and all the other industry ‘Mr Me toos’ totally ignored Zara’s cry when she was alive, only to ‘wake up’ when she passed away conveniently using social media to mourn her.
Up till when she was buried, nobody visited her home or reached out to her family. Her funeral service which held on Friday morning, April 4, 2014 and was attended by a handful of industry personalities – none of the so called ‘BIG’ names.
Two days earlier at Industry Nite, a one-minute silence was held for Zara; that was just about it. Show host Jimmie implored guests (comprised of some of your favourite celebs) to attend the funeral service on Friday. Out of those present that night, only Vina, Emma Nyra and Jimmie himself attended the service.
‘What makes the scenario pitiable is that Zara was an industry babe, she knew them all, they knew her well well’, a publicist who attended the service said as undertakers lowered Zara’s body into the ground.

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