Saturday, 5 April 2014

I’ll Give Marriage Another Shot – Nollywood Actress, Chika Ike

Nollywood actress, Chika Ike is set to marry again.
The actress/brand Ambassador of energy drink, ‘Bullet’ got married to her ex husband, Tony Eberiri in 2006 butofficially got divorced in 2013.
Chika Ike who revealed that she was a victim of domestic violence when she married and also lost her life in the process
 in a quick chat with E-punch revealed that she is set to marry again “I don’t want to talk about the divorce because it is already in the past and I have since moved on. I am still open to marriage and I might give it a second shot because I believe in love. For now, I am most concerned with my own happiness”.

Chika also spoke about the high rate at which celebrities' marriage are crashing said: 
“Celebrities also make mistakes. I don’t think they have a bad time combining their successful careers and managing the home front or their marriages on the side.
She also addressed the notion of men being intimidated by single celebrity women:
“All the talk about some men being afraid to walk up to a female celebrity and ask her out does not make sense to me. Any man that cannot walk up to me and toast me is not manly enough. I don’t have a long list or criteria for my ideal man. All I want is that he must make me happy.”

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