Tuesday, 1 April 2014

If you're not Beyonce, don't do like Beyonce. Kid Cudi learnt the hard way

On Dec. 13th 2013, Beyonce
dropped her fifth studio album
Beyoncé at midnight with
absolutely no prior promo or
warning. The album sold 828,773 copies worldwide in 3 days
becoming the fastest selling album
in iTunes history.
On February 26th 2014, Kid Cudi
decided to pull a Beyonce by
dropping his 4th album 'Satellite
Flight: The Journey to The Mother
Moon' on iTunes with no prior
promo and no mainstream
Well, the numbers are in...and
some artists really need promo
before releasing an album.
According to Billboard magazine,
Kid Cudi's album has moved only
87,000 copies first week, making it
Kudi's smallest debut sales week
in his solo career.

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