Friday, 14 March 2014

You Wont Believe How Much Kim Kardashian Spends In A Month

Reality Tv star Kim Kardashian might be overdoing it when it comes to her finance situation.
undefined The Beauty Queen is said to be worth 40 million dollars but sources are saying she is going to blow through all that money in no time if she doesn't keep a hold of her expenses.
Even though she is one of the most bankable faces on American TV, Kim money if being eaten up by the renovation costs on the Bel Air mansion she bought with Fiancee Kanye, and all her cloths and trying to keep up with the fashion trends.

It is reported that the reality star is spending about 1 million dollars a month on all these and thats why she had to accept gigs like her $500,000 date with Austrian businessman Richard Lugner to the Vienna Opera Ball.
Kim had burst into limelight when her s** tape with Brandy's little brother surfaced out in the internet.

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