Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Why Halle Berry And Third Huband Olivier Martinez Are Heading To Divorce

After last weeks rumours stating that movie star Halle Berry was going to split from her third husband Olivier Martinez surfaced, it seems it's all true but due to (amazingly) stubbornness.

Sources close to the family is saying that the reason for the split is Halle and Olivier's 6 month old son.
A source said that both are having problem due because they can't stop shouting and fighting eachother making them avoid eachother.
And the worst part about it all, their arguement are mostly sterned from small resolvable issues.
Husband Olivier believes she works too much and is trying to hard to lose weight , and that she isn't spending enought time with their young offspring.
Halle is not comfortable with him telling him to tell her how she can live her life.
Halle began dating Olivier in 2010 during filming of the movie Black Tide.
By 2012 they were engaged and got married last year on july 13. Their son Maceo was born on October 5th of last year also.


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