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Jaywon Did Not Buy Anything For Me – Queen Of Pop Confesses

Photo - Jaywon Did Not Buy Anything For Me – Imelda
Pretty Queen of Pop, Imelda Ada Okwori from Benue State, popularly known as Imelda J State is no longer new to fans, having droppedseveral hits like My love for You featuring OJB Jezreel, Love Magic, Go Ahead, Together As One featuring Mike Okri, Fosoke, Show Me featuring Side One and other hits. Not long after launching her new album Beyond Gravity at Sheraton Hotel, Abuja recently, a rumour about her dating Kennis Music act, Jaywon started flying around. Imelda J clears the air on this in this interview, as she also talks about her career in general.
Let us start with the latest news making rounds in the industry which claim that you are in a hot romance with Jaywon, how factual is that?
It’s not real. I am not dating Jaywon.
It is stated that you had a secret wedding with him recently. How about that?
Well, that’s a very big lie. I am not married to anyone. No secret wedding. I think it would be very rude of me to get married without the consent of my family. That was not part of my upbringing, and even if I am to get married, why would I do it in secret as if I owe anybody? Please that is not true. Something went wrong somewhere.
You said something went wrong somewhere. What could that be?
Yes. Something went wrong. The news came to me via a friend of Jaywon who called me on phone. I was in the church for Ash Wednesday mass at about 6pm. He called me and when he said Jaywon just called him and told him he saw news about me and him being married, I was shocked. That moment went sour and I could not even concentrate during the mass at all. He then forwarded some blog sites to me. After the mass, I summoned courage to open them. I went through the news and the pictures. It was a cut from my video. However, so many questions started running in my mind. I know my facebook and twitter accounts have been hacked. But this particular picture was not hacked. And there was only one possibility left. I was attacked and robbed at mile 2 on my way from Festac a week before this rumour. It is possible that the phone got to someone who knows the use of his pen and so made a fast move without trying to contact me. In that phone, I have the memory card that contained all my documentaries for the past five to six years. It has really weighed me down. Thank God I am not the type that keep nude pictures and all that, if not the rumour or story would have been worse than it is now.
In the said picture, it indicated an intimacy posture. Is it the video you are talking about? A love video that entails the two of you romance yourselves that much?
The song is a love song. In that video, we were very close and we just played the role of two people in true Love. Ready to give everything you have to your partner. I gave all my properties to him and coincidentally, he did the same and it was romantic for someone to love you for real. May be that question should go to my director because I don’t know how he did the magic.
Are you saying that the director of the video influenced the posture in the picture?
I don’t know, all I know is that we did not hold any secret wedding.
Away from that, how about the Chrysler car reported to have been bought for you by him as a birthday gift?
That is very funny to me. I am sure the person who wrote that went online for a proper research about Imelda-J. Aside having those pictures in my lost phone, the news and the picture of my car are on major blogs. The major gift I received on my birthday was from my aunt. I bought my car shortly after my event in Abuja. It is very sad how people think a young lady cannot buy something by herself. Must every success of a woman be attributed to a man? All I know is that God is alive watching us and our doings.
He was also said to have bought you a wrist watch worth of $500,000?
Jaywon did not buy anything for me please. Why should he do so for me when I do not have anything to do with him aside music? We are not close friends on a normal day. I don’t call him on phone. We have good and normal relationship just like every artiste will have. Even if we were to be dating, I will not even expect such a gift from him because I think he still has a lot to put together as a young man.
How did you meet him in the first place?
I have been a fan of Jaywon for long. So I decided to do collaboration with him. I was considering doing with someone else but I decided to settle for him because my spirit was positive on having collaboration with him and this should be done before every other artiste. I consulted my manager and she agreed to work on it. We met someone who introduced us to him. I must tell you it was strictly official. No strings attached.
If truly there is no relationship between the two of you, why did your spirit choose him rather than another person?
I feel connected to him musically each time I listen to the way he sings with passion. Things of the spirit cannot be understood by human. I can’t explain that. With time I will understand why. But for now, I can’t really explain.

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