Thursday, 13 February 2014

You Can Afford It! Non-Expensive Gifts For Men And Women On Valentine's Day

re you on a low budget and still want to thrill your partner to a Valentine gift? Here are some affordable gifts you can try.
Photo: Affordable presents for St Valentine's DAy
Gifts for women
Every girl is a lover of jewellery. Jewellery is great accessory and comes in all sizes, shapes and colours.
Cakes and chocolate
It may sound corky but trust me, girls love cakes. Send your girlfriend a cake and chocolate this valentine as a treat. She will remain ever grateful you did.
Lingerie is a ‘win win’ gift for both lovers. While the girl is thankful to her man for such gift, he will savour the moment of watching the lingerie on her body. It sets the mood for the day.
Stilettos shoes

Add a new pair of stilettos shoes to your girlfriend’s rack and watch her go mad with excitement. They are always a plus.
While a handbag is one necessity that a girl needs, most girls find it difficult to buy one. So a handbag for a gift is definitely a good idea.
Scarves/ Broaches and pendants
Most girls need scarves, broaches and pendants, but never know until they get one. Add that to you list of gifts for your valentine. LBD
That Little Black Dress, LBD, is what every girl wants to have. It is never enough, irrespective of how many dresses are hung in our wardrobe, girls always appreciate an addition to the collection of the LBD. An LBD can go for as low as N3, 500 to N5, 000.
You want your girl to smell good every time? Buy a good perfume for her and enjoy the moment whenever she wears it.
Whenever you think of what to buy for your girl on special occasions as Valentine’s Day, a good wristwatch comes to mind. It is an important accessory every girl would like to own and would appreciate.
You sure want to thrill a girl? Treat her to a nice dinner at a very calm restaurant with very few guests and watch her trip. It is hard for a girl to say no to a nice dinner at a cool restaurant and this can be achieved on a budget as low as N5,000.
For men
Men love perfumes, they feel confident when wearing a good fragrance.
Sunglasses come in handy, especially in this part of the world were the sun is harsh.

Every man needs a belt cooperate or casual, black or brown. They are a must have for men and will be good if it comes from his woman as a Valentine gift.
This is an all essential gift. Buy a pair for your partner and he will be grateful you did.
A wrist watch is very important for both men and women. You can also add that to your list of gifts for the Valentine.
Whether it is a fountain, roller ball or ballpoint pen, the fact is, a very good pen with great design will mean a lot to any man. Take a trip to any good stationery and get a well packaged pen for your love this Valentine.

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