Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Owumi Faults N100,000Minimum Wage for Players

Warri Wolves FC on Monday said that the clamour for N100,000 minimum wage for the Glo Premier
League Players (GPL) should not
be looked into in isolation.
The club's Managing Director,
Davidson Owumi, said that the
contract entered into by the
players and their clubs should be
looked into.

He said that the decision of the
LMC to make N100,000 minimum
wages a prerequisite to registration of clubs for the 2013/2014 season was wrong.
"There is a dysfunctional system
of doing things in this country; a
club that gets to a premier league
status should be aware of its
obligations to players.
"Some clubs already pay more
than the stipulated wage for their
players; for instance, if a player's
sign-on fee is N5 million, divide
that by 12 months; that is above
"It is true that we need an
improved minimum wage for our
players, but when we give the
public a wrong impression, I
don't think that is fair.
"The word wage is ambiguous;
they need to specify if it is the
wage they need us to improve on
or sign-on fee,'' Owumi said.
Players' welfare and how it can be
improved on have been in the
front burner for some time now.
An inquest into the salaries of
players last season resulted in a
discovery that clubs flout Article
2.4 (1) of the League Rules under
Schedule C.
Article 2.4 (1) of the rules states:
"The monthly salary of a Premier
League player is negotiable, but
shall not be less than N100,000.''
Last season, 48 per cent of the
clubs complied with the
It was because of this that the
LMC made the minimum wage, a
key requirement for registration
of clubs in the 2013/2014 season.

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