Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Maheeda: “My Daughter Is Not Even Aware These Unclad Pictures Exist”

When I first came across this article, the first thing I thought is what would Maheeda’s daughter tell her friends and teachers when they ask what her mum does for a living.
Considering how widely Maheeda’s raunchiness has been publicized on social media, Pop singer Caroline Sam better known as Maheeda says her daughter is yet to see her ‘in that way’.
In a recent interview with The Punch, Maheeda insists that her daughter who is 17 years is not allowed access on social media, hence hasn’t seen any of her unclad photos
My daughter is not even aware these unclad pictures exist even though she has seen pictures of me in bikini. She is not even allowed access to the social media’, she disclosed.
Maheeda however says when her daughter turns 18, ‘she can decide what she wants’.
‘I am 31 and I had my daughter when I was 17. I do not think this is going to affect her in any way. If my mother did something like this; there is no way it would have affected me’, she explained.
Even if she gets to view them eventually, it’s not going to mean anything to her because she has the European mentality’.
I am married and my husband is Dutch. What I am doing is not alien to him or his family and he understands. He just laughs whenever he comes across any of my pictures. It’s in Africa that we attach much importance to such things and consider it sacrilegious’.

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