Friday, 24 January 2014

Justin Bieber Waves For Cameras As He Was Granted Bail On $ 2,500

The American singer was arrested
on Thursday morning at Miami
and was handcuff and transported
to the countries Jail. Justin say "He
took anti-depressants and smoked
marijuana all day". The Police
confirmed that the singer was
drag racing in the residential

Bieber's father Jeremy aged 38
was at the drag race scene in a
separate car, before the arrest
Bieber was in SET Nightclub with
his friend in Miami shirtless.
He was granted bail on $2,500
coming out with dark sunglasses
as he waved his fans after been
released from Jail on Thursday

The 19 year singer appeared in
court earlier after he was arrested
for drunk driving and trying to
resist arrest while allegedly drag
racing in Miami on Thursday

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  1. FYI.... He's Canadian not American =)



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