Friday, 20 December 2013

‘I don’t steal, I only give robbers information’

A 28-year-old man, Nonso Egbuzobi, who was recently arrested by operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad during a robbery operation in Lagos State, has pleaded with the police to release him, saying he was just an informant and not a member of any robbery gang.

Police authorities had said Egbuzobi and three others were part of a gang that killed three policemen during an ATM robbery at an Access Bank branch in Ayobo, Ipaja area of the state on November 20, 2013.

It was learnt that after the Ipaja robbery, SARS men led by the officer in charge, SP Abba Kyari, commenced investigations.

It was learnt that the suspect was arrested with one Ak-47 rifle while attempting to rob a house at the Ilasamaja area of the state.

He said, “Some weeks ago, I was at a snooker joint around Lagos State University when a man approached me saying he had a target that we could rob at Ilasamaja. I told him I was not a robber, but I knew people who were capable.

“I approached one armed robber known as Fine money and I connected him with the person that gave me information. On December 4, 2013, Fine money picked me up in a jeep around Mile 2 and I led him and two other guys to the house at Ilasamaja. We were told that the victim had N10m in his house.

“They all had guns, but I decided that I would remain in the car. However, before they could come down, policemen started shooting at us and everyone in the vehicle died except me because I hid on the floor of the car.

“Like I said, I did not rob, I only gave the robbers information that they needed. I am a responsible man and even a footballer at Lagos State University, it was poverty that pushed me to become armed robbers’ informant.”

Commissioner of Police, Umar Manko, said when he received information about the robbery, he ordered his men to foil the attempt and the policemen engaged the robbers in a gun duel during which two robbers, Daniel Onuoha, and Eyo Bassey, a dismissed soldier, were killed.

Manko said investigations led policemen to the agent who helped the robbers to secure accommodation and after their house was searched, four AK-47 rifles, which belonged to slain policemen, were recovered, while the agent was also killed while attempting to escape.

He said a police walkie-talkie was also recovered adding that it was with the aid of the walkie-talkie that the robbers were able to monitor police movement.

He said, “Weeks after the ATM robbery at Ipaja, I got a tip-off that the same robbers were planning to attack at Ilasamaja and I informed the OC SARS. He led his men to the scene and there was an exchange of gunfire with the robbers on Akawo Street. Two of the robbers were killed while Egbuzobi survived.

“One AK-47 rifle, 11 AK-47 magazines fully loaded, one liberty jeep with plate number, LH124EKY and three Nokia phones were recovered from them. Investigations led policemen to the house agent of the robbers and he led us to the home of one of the robbers which happens to be their operational base. Four AK-47 rifles, one police walkie-talkie, Nigerian Army uniform, 19 AK-47 rifles, fully loaded, 300 rounds of AK-47 live ammunitions were recovered.

“The agent attempted to escape through the roof but he was killed. Among the five Ak-47 rifles recovered, four belonged to policemen killed in various robberies across the state.”


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