Monday, 30 September 2013

“I’m a son of God, not man of God” – King Sunny Ade addresses his relationship with God

Music Legend, King Sunny Ade says he sees himself as a son of God and not a man of God as most people think he is!

In a recent interview with TRIBUNE, he said “You can’t just call yourself a man of God. There must be a very strong covenant between you and God before you can claim that you are a man of God. I don’t see myself like that, but if people call me a man of God, it means I have to be very careful because I have not heard from God. All I know is that I am a son of God, not yet a man of God.

I have always been a spiritual person and I have been surviving as a spiritual person since I was born.”

On his relationship with God, he said...
“There is a touch of spirituality about my existence that I can’t even explain, even as I speak with you now, I still can’t explain it. The fact is that I don’t even know how I have been surviving till now. I didn’t study music, nobody taught me music. Nobody taught me how to play the guitar. But I know it has been God all along.
Nothing else could have sustained me till now and surely no one has, except God. I think people are still looking at me with the impression they had in those days when I was still looking for fame. Those days, I sang all sorts of songs because I wanted to be famous, especially in Ondo town where they worship Ogun. Every year, we worshipped Ogun in Ondo those days, so I thought that if I sang Ogun songs, people would accrpt me; buy my album. But it does not mean that I am worshipping Ogun or anything. “

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