Friday, 27 September 2013

I May Not Live Long - Kunle Afolayan

Celebrated film maker and actor Kunle
Afolayan has dropped heart stopping
posts on Facebook indicating that his
workaholic lifestyle may eventually end
his life. october-1-kunle Kunle who is working
round the clock to
meet the October 1 deadline of his highly
anticipated film "October 1″ took to
Facebook to drop some of his darkest
'My Obsession with filmmaking
makes me
think I may not live long, I forbid it
though'. 'I got back to Lagos yesternight (sic)
tired and sleepy after 42days of shoot, got
home ate then went to bed. All I see
throughout my sleep are the shots I took
and those that I felt I should have done
differently. Woke up this morning and all I
have in my head is the deadline of the
trailer release which in October 1, 2013,
in about 11 days and the completion of
the whole project. Yes, am very
passionate about film making but I think
being too obsessed is not healthy. What do
you guys think?' Kunle battles to meet a
deadline too close for comfort with fears
the release date may have to be shifted.
Along side this all-consuming film
production, Kunle also plays lead
character in a new film 'Dotun' by ace film-
maker Tunde Kelani. Fans have been pouring
in advice on
Kunle's facebook wall with a passionate
appeal to take things easy. Please drop
your advice here as well.

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