Sunday, 22 September 2013

"I have Always wanted to be a Reverend sister" -BBA`s Beverly Osu

Beverly Osu who represented Nigeria in the just
concluded Big Brother Africa 2013, has became
one of the most talked-about housemate has
now revealed that being controversial has never
been her goal.
In a recent interview in Abuja, she talks about
life before the house and what her future plans
Life before Big Brother
Before Big Brother, I was into entertainment.
Big Brother Africa was just a platform for me to
do what I wanted to do. Before now, I wanted to
be an actress, I wanted to be a reverend sister,
but things did not just work out the way I
planned it.
Being a controversial housemate
Going to the house, I didn't have any plan or
strategy. I just went in there. While in the house,
I used to be blunt every time, it used to be me
living my normal life. The controversial side, I
don't know because I used to be a very sweet
On how she was never up for eviction
I didn't do anything. I know that people picked
my name but I wasn't bothered because I also
got to pick one or two people. I knew when
Natasha or anybody else picked me for eviction
but I understood it was just a game. However, I
was generally liked in the house because I'm a
people's person.
On her relationship with Angelo
Me and Angelo were so business minded people,
we think alike, we do a lot of things together.
We have projects we are working on together
so, it was much like we went to BBA as
individuals but we didn't come there to mark
time. And now, we have a platform we have to
use. Now, he is in his country but when there is
something to do, we will go together. It is not
that we won't have our time but it's more of the
business because we all came for something in
our lives and since we have gotten the
opportunity, we should use it right.
Her future plans
School, my career-acting, so many things in next
year let me feel I'm not sure what to say next.

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